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1. babelfishh & edison - the guild we hold close

this is a 6 song e.p. recorded in the depths of a rather ominous winter months is hand packaged nicely in collage form. The modified brown cardboard sleeve is ink stamped and includes a lyric sheet insert.

this release is decorative stamp 008.
Nov, 2010

2.babelfishh/filkoe/oskar ohlson

all music and production is by oskar ohlson.
half the songs are babel fishh vocals and the other half is filkoe.
guest vocals here and there by the lovely winterismyname!

nice handsewn packaging!

3. babelfishh/ Lewee Regal - split CD
14 songs with guest production from oskar ohlson, yppah, and aspect mcarthy.

4. babelfishh - cole wurl hustle SOLD OUT

last copies of this chaotic EP recorded in Houston Texas' 2nd ward!

5. babelfishh - the use of of

first official release in 2004, maybe?
a borderline classic some might say.

Sold Out